Storylines are an integral part of the HollandCity strategy and criss-cross the country like imaginary metro lines. They connect different places through a specific theme or interest. This helps us showcase well-known landmarks while simultaneously highlighting the lesser-known sights our country has to offer.

  • These storylines will entice people to visit different regions
  • We are working on new storylines to suit the interests of tourists
  • Which of our storylines would you invest in?

Off the beaten track

We develop several storylines to inspire people to step off the beaten track and discover the many other places and products our country has to offer. This will enrich their experience, strengthen regional earning power, and relieve some of the burden on touristic hotspots. What do we need? Storylines that capture the interests of tourists and collaboration with Dutch partners that suit each of these storylines. Good accessibility and connectivity between the different places within each storyline is also essential.

First storyline: Van Gogh

International visitors were introduced to the Van Gogh storyline in 2015. This storyline was extremely successful. It connected Amsterdam with its Van Gogh Museum, the Arnhem region with its Kröller-Müller Museum, and Brabant, where Van Gogh was born and raised.

Introducing new storylines

NBTC spoke with representatives from all of the Dutch provinces to determine which storylines they would be willing to participate in. Based on these meetings, we developed several new storylines, such as 'Holland: Land of Water ' and 'Mondriaan to Dutch Design', which we introduce in 2016. Other storylines we are working on are 'Hansa Towns', 'Castles and Country Houses', 'Golden Age' and 'Dutch Cuisine'. We are also analysing the demand for a 'Roman/Limes' theme. A storyline on the theme of 'Flowers' will be introduced in 2018.


The distances in the Netherlands are small. Our country can best be seen as a metropolis divided into different districts.

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