Reaching your target group

When we collaborate with partners, we always address your specific situation, needs, and ambitions. We offer you access to various target groups and channels in the international travel and conference industry.

  • Prioritising your objectives
  • Access to various target groups
  • Large number of available channels

NBTC has built an impressive national and international network in the travel and conference sector. Depending on your specific situation, needs, and ambitions, we can offer you access to a wide range of target groups and channels within this sector. From Chinese and German consumers to a journalist at the New York Times. We can also put you in contact with professional conference organisers looking for a location for an international conference or give you the necessary facts and figures for your business plan.


Thijs de Groot

Partnership Development Manager
M 06 51422847
T +31 (0)70 370 5295
Twitter: @thysdegroot

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Max Schreuder

Partnership Development Manager
M 06 55374774
T +31 (0)70 3705330
Twitter: @MaxJSchreuder

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