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Perspective 2030

Perspective Destination Netherlands 2030 is the national vision for tourism in the Netherlands. This vision was compiled by over a hundred experts from sectors such as tourism, mobility, education and culture. Administrators and residents were also involved.

Prioritising the common interest

Perspective 2030, the vision for tourism in the Netherlands, is about the changing role of tourism. Heading up to 2030, we expect a 50 percent increase in the number of international tourists. This requires a new approach that prioritises the common interests of visitors, companies and residents. The goal is for every Dutch person to benefit from tourism.

Five priorities are central for achieving this ambition:

  • Benefits and burdens are in balance, more benefits from tourism than burdens;
  • All of the Netherlands is attractive: put more cities and regions on the map as attractive destinations;
  • Accessible and achievable: easily accessible cities and regions;
  • Sustainability is a must: a living environment with less waste and pollution;
  • A hospitable sector: the Netherlands as a welcoming destination.

All this requires the various government authorities to give priority to the visitor and tourist economy and to work with businesses and residents. There is also a major need for improved data and insights into, among other things, visitor behaviour.

Read the complete Perspective 2030 report.