Regions and districts with a distinctive character - NBTC


The distances within the Netherlands are small. You could compare our country to a metropolis with various regions and districts, each with its own distinctive character. Since Chinese or American visitors are not likely to be aware of this, we want to make changes so that tourists visit multiple cities and regions in the Netherlands.

Show off lesser-known districts

Amsterdam has a prominent place in the eyes of foreign visitors. Other districts such as The Hague, Leiden and Utrecht are not nearly as well-known. We want to use the HollandCity strategy to ensure that more cities and regions present themselves in a distinctive way as districts with their own unique DNA. Based on the district concept, the Netherlands offers something for everyone.

This helps focus more attention on some of the lesser-known cities and regions, such as:

  • The modern and technological Design District of Eindhoven;
  • The dynamic and multicultural architecture and port district of Rotterdam;
  • The rural and water-rich Lake District of Friesland.

    Comparable to the daily commute

    Distances that international visitors usually travel during their daily commute are comparable to the distances between various cities and regions in the Netherlands. We use the HollandCity strategy to emphasise the compact nature of our country in order to tempt visitors to discover other parts of the Netherlands.

    Strand van Westkapelle


    The HollandCity strategy plays on the compact nature of the Netherlands. Traversing the strategy like imaginary tramlines are the storylines, which link places based on a theme or interest. The storylines also help international visitors discover lesser-known places.

    Theme year

    Events and theme years generate urgency to visit a city or region. Focusing on events and theme years that emphasize the DNA of a city or region strengthens the profile of an area.