HollandCity strategy to disperse visitors over time and location - NBTC
Photo: © Daria Nepriakhina via Unsplash

HollandCity strategy

Within the framework of Perspective 2030, we strive for the Netherlands to be a liveable, popular and valuable destination, where every Dutch person benefits from tourism. Our HollandCity strategy gives direction to the growing number of visitors, so we can disperse them over time and locations.

Emphasise short travel distances

Although travel distances within the Netherlands are relatively short, international visitors often do not realise that they can easily visit different Dutch cities and regions within a short time. We use HollandCity to show what our country has to offer at relatively short distances and tempt international visitors to stray from the beaten path and discover lesser-known locations.

All of the Netherlands is interesting

With HollandCity, we ensure that all of the Netherlands will become more interesting as a destination in the coming years. By allowing every city and region in the Netherlands to use their own qualities and tell their own stories, we attract visitors to locations throughout the country. We tempt visitors with appealing stories, develop districts with distinctive profiles and link parties to events and theme years.


The distances within the Netherlands are small. You could compare our country to a metropolis with various regions and districts, each with its own distinctive character. We want to make visitors aware of this so that they visit multiple cities and regions in the Netherlands.

Strand van Westkapelle


The HollandCity strategy plays on the compact nature of the Netherlands. Traversing the strategy like imaginary tramlines are the storylines, which link places based on a theme or interest. The storylines also help international visitors discover lesser-known places.

Theme year

Events and theme years generate urgency to visit a city or region. Focusing on events and theme years that emphasize the DNA of a city or region strengthens the profile of an area.

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