Perspective 2030 tourism vision for visitors, companies and residents - NBTC
Photo: © Iris van den Broek

Vision & Strategy

NBTC wants every Dutch person to benefit from tourism, and as hospitality sector we’ve developed Perspective Destination Netherlands 2030 for this purpose. This national vision on tourism in the Netherlands focuses on the common interests of visitors, companies and residents.

For NBTC, Perspective 2030 is the framework for the positioning, development and marketing of the Netherlands as a destination. We focus on the following key tasks:

Connect, facilitate and support

Based on the national vision, we connect and facilitate cities, regions and other parties with knowledge and data. We also offer support for issues relating to positioning, destination development and marketing activities. The goal is to attract valuable visitors who fit the character of the cities and region involved.

Disperse over time and locations

Our HollandCity strategy gives direction to the growing number of visitors by dispersing them over time and locations. HollandCity shows what our country has to offer within relatively short distances. By allowing each city and region in the Netherlands to use its own qualities and tell its own story, we tempt visitors to stray from the beaten path and discover lesser known locations in our country.

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