Target groups for positioning, destination development and marketing - NBTC
Photo: © Juri Hiensch

Target group

To successfully tempt tourists to visit the Netherlands, it’s important to know what types of people we are dealing with. We get this information from segmentation models from Motivaction market research company. This enables us to determine the target groups we should focus on regarding the positioning, destination development and marketing of the Netherlands.

Segmentation model for neighbouring countries

As regards working with consumer information from our neighbouring countries, we focus on the Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen regions in Germany and Flanders in Belgium. We use the Mentality model for this, which classifies consumers based on socio-demographic characteristics, lifestyles and travel needs. There are five target groups that we describe based on fictional people:

Michael (Achiever)

Michael loves fitness, windsurfing, going out and dance events. He lives in a new neighbourhood near the city and drives a trendy sports car. Read more.

Mary (Traditional)

Mary is married and works part-time so that she has enough time to enjoy her hobbies, which include doing puzzles and going for walks. Read more.

Paul (Upper-class)

Paul loves tennis, classical music and eating out. He enjoys city breaks and stays in luxury hotels. Read more.

Nora (Postmodern)

Nora is a freelance journalist and lives in the historic city centre. She enjoys cooking, photography and going on cultural holidays. Read more.

Peter (Mainstream)

Peter has a family with two children and lives in a mid-sized town. He takes a long beach holiday once a year. Read more.

Global segmentation model

We use the Glocalities model from Motivaction to reach visitors around the world. This classifies consumers based on values from daily life and travel needs, taking into account cultural differences between countries. Two segments from this model are especially interesting for our country: the Achievers and the Creatives. We based two target groups on this:

Independent Explorer (Creatives)

Independent Explorers enjoy holidays abroad, where they seek out the local culture and unique experiences. Read more.

Quality Seeker (Achievers)

Quality Seekers like to enjoy themselves in style and are willing to pay more for a high-quality holiday with service and special treatment. Read more.