Knowledge and data trends and visitor developments - NBTC
Photo: © Boudewijn Bollmann

Intell & Insights

Knowledge and data are the basis for the development of the Netherlands as a destination. NBTC identifies relevant trends and developments, for example, by offering insight into source markets and visitor groups.

Research initiatives

We conduct our own research, which results in, among other things, our MarketScans. We are also involved in various joint research initiatives.

Data & Development Lab

We work with the CBS and CELTH in the Data & Development Lab, where we implement projects focused on new data and insights, research methods and development strategies. The objective is to further professionalise the hospitality and tourism sector and to ensure the sustainable continued development of the Netherlands as a destination.

National Data Alliance

Together with provinces, municipalities and other parties, we work in the National Data Alliance (Landelijke Data Alliantie). This is a national network that brings together, shares and, where necessary, reinforces available data and insights to achieve more data-driven policy decisions and increased competitive power for tourism businesses.

NBTC-NIPO Research

We also work with Kantar TNS in the NBTC-NIPO Research joint venture, which focuses on domestic and outbound tourism, the leisure market and business travel. Click here for more information.